Howser & Associates Blog

posted 6/1/2020
R. Michelle Howser, Esq.

Covid-19 has put America in a place not known to many generations. It has caused economic uncertainty, fear, concern, and strains upon relationships. Our court system has also felt they impact of the quarantine and the rules promulgated by our Governor to keep us safe. The good news is that as things begin to open-up, the Court system is beginning to function again. Most courthouses are allowing in-person hearings with some limitations. I am hopeful the zoom hearings will continue for simple Motions or hearings that do not require significant testimony of witnesses. This is not only helpful to the health of our most vulnerable, but it is also helpful to litigants as it reduces your expenses for attorneys. Mostly, I think you will see many more attorneys discover that a large office space is no longer needed. We at Howser & Associates had already made the transition to a more virtual practice prior to the pandemic. We offer virtual meetings so that you do not have to miss valuable work. We have a client portal to keep mailing expense to a minimum. Further, we have the ability for you to sign documents online without having to come to an office. We understand the value of time and we value yours.