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Drug Crimes

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime in Rutherford County then Wilson, Howser, Oliver and Turner is the right criminal defense attorney for you. Drug possession crimes in the state of Tennessee are generally charged as misdemeanors. Certain amounts of drugs or evidence of selling drugs can raise the criminal offense to the felony level.

Drug crimes differ depending upon the substance involved and the type of offense. The smallest of charges can result in life-long consequences, so trust the criminal defense attorneys at Wilson, Howser, Oliver and Turner to help you receive the outcome you desire.

From simple possession to intent to sell, our defense attorneys will review your case and determine the best plan of action for your situation. When you’ve been charged with a drug crime, contact us!

An example listing of how drugs are categorized under Tennessee Law includes, but is not limited to, the following: Read More

Criminal Defense

Schedule I





Some varieties of mushrooms

Schedule II







Schedule III


Anabolic Steroids


Some depressants

Schedule IV




Schedule V

Over-the-counter drugs containing codeine

Over-the-counter drugs containing ephedrine