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In Tennessee, all family law cases require mediation before a trial can take place. This includes divorce and child custody cases. Our attorneys have over 30 years of combined legal experience and are fully well versed in all mediation techniques, methods and requirements.

As defined by Tennessee state law, mediation is “an informal process where a mediator helps people with a dispute to reach agreement. The mediation process identifies important issues, clarifies misunderstandings, explores solutions, and negotiates settlement.”

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Mediation has the following advantages:

• Confidential – While court cases are a matter of public record, almost all mediations are completely confidential and cannot be used in future lawsuits
• Direct Communication – Parties speak directly to each other.
• Faster Resolution than a Lawsuit – Lawsuits can take months to years to reach a verdict.
• Both Parties Choose the Outcome – Resolution is decided by both parties and no one else.
• Inexpensive – Court costs are much higher than mediation costs

The mediation process allows the parties to control the outcome of their case and to make decisions that benefit their children. This process is typically successful in approximately 70% of all cases. For cases where the parents wish to work together for the welfare of their children in spite of their divorce or separation, the mediation process is ideal.

The Mediation Process:

• Introduction:
The mediator will explain the process and rules of mediation.

• Statements:
Each party will make a statement describing the dispute as they see it.

• Identification of the Dispute:
The mediator will get a better understanding of the dispute by questioning both parties.

• Private Meetings:
The mediator will meet privately with each party to discuss their side of the dispute and determine possible solutions.

• Negotiation:
Mediator will negotiate with both parties to reach a solution both agree on.

• Written Statement:
If a resolution is reached then both parties will sign a written agreement on the resolution that can be upheld in court.

It is also important to note that Tennessee requires parties to attend mediation prior to trial. A trial can be an expensive, exhausting, and emotional experience. The mediation process is the best way for litigants to be able to control their costs and their futures.
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