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From adoption to your parental rights, Howser & Associates, PLLP is well-versed in all areas of family law. Through our communication and extensive research, we will be your family law advocate throughout the entire legal process. When you partner with our firm, you can have peace of mind knowing that an experienced attorney is fighting on your behalf in family court.

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Family Law Practice Areas

Howser & Associates, PLLP is ready to help you with the following areas of family law:


While the adoption process is an exciting time for a family, it can also be complex. Our attorneys are ready to guide you and provide sound advice during this process. When navigating your adoption case, you need a respectful and compassionate attorney who knows exactly how to help your family. The attorneys at Howser & Associates, PLLP work meticulously to get the results you and your family need with any adoption situation.

When you’re ready to welcome a new child into your family through a successful adoption case, contact the family law attorneys at Howser & Associates, PLLP today.

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Being involved in a custody battle can be overwhelming and frustrating. Of course, your main concern is the safety and overall well-being of your children. At Howser & Associates, PLLP, our interests are aligned with yours; we work endlessly to help and act in the best interest of your child. To modify a prior custody order, a material change in circumstances must be proven. The courts also analyze a set of statutory factors to determine the child’s best interests. A custody modification can affect who serves as the primary residential parent, child support, and the parenting schedule. Read More

Whether you want to modify an existing plan or need to defend a petition to modify, contact our child custody attorneys at Howser & Associates, PLLP to learn how we can help you with your child custody case.

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In all divorces with children and custody cases, child support becomes a key piece of the parenting plan. With our attorney’s extensive background in child custody and family law cases, Howser & Associates, PLLP can help you ensure that the proper amount of child support is awarded to the primary residential parent. Issues to consider include each parent’s employment and gross income. In some cases, a parent can be found willfully unemployed or underemployed. This situation can have a massive impact on a parent’s child support obligation.

Since child custody cases can be complicated and highly situational, the attorneys at Howser & Associates, PLLP will meet with you regularly to discuss the many possibilities for your case’s outcome. We review every case with a fine-toothed comb to ensure we determine the best plan of action for you, your family, and most importantly, your child.

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Divorce – Contested and Uncontested

Filing for a divorce involves an immense amount of emotion, energy, and effort from both parties. Not to mention, the legal process for this difficult situation can be lengthy, frustrating, and expensive. Fortunately, the divorce attorneys at Howser & Associates, PLLP are well-versed in both contested and uncontested divorce cases.

When one party is unable to reach an agreement, you may be involved in a “contested divorce.” On the other hand, if both parties are able to come to a mutual agreement without mediation or additional support, this constitutes an “uncontested divorce,” and you may not need to enter the courtroom.

Regardless of your situation, we will stand by you as our client. We are ready to protect your interests throughout the entire divorce process.

However, before contacting our experienced divorce attorneys, it is wise to understand what a divorce entails.

To begin the process of divorce, one spouse must file a complaint for divorce. The other spouse will then be served with this complaint and is required to submit an answer or counter-complaint. If an agreement is reached between the parties without litigation, the two parties are required to wait either 60 (for cases not involving children) or 90 days (for cases involving children) before the court can grant the divorce.

To obtain a divorce in Tennessee, there must be grounds for the divorce. Tennessee Code Annotated § 36-4-101 sets out the grounds available to someone seeking a divorce:

  • Abandonment without just cause and a refusal or neglect to provide for the spouse while having the ability to provide
  • Adultery
  • Attempt on one spouse’s life by the other spouse
  • Cruel and inhumane treatment or inappropriate marital conduct
  • Entrance into a second marriage in violation of the previous marriage
  • Habitual drunkenness or substance abuse
  • Impotence
  • Malicious desertion for at least one year
  • Refusal to move with the other spouse to Tennessee and being willfully absent for at least two years
  • Separation without cohabitation for two years or more prior to filing divorce
  • The other spouse’s felony conviction
  • The woman was pregnant at the time of marriage, by another person, without the husband’s knowledge
  • Irreconcilable differences

The attorneys at Howser & Associates, PLLP are ready to help you with your divorce, from start to finish. Contact us today for your an initial consultation! The sooner you discuss your case with one of our professionals, the faster we can help get the results you need.

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As a parent, you are responsible for the care of your child(ren). However, if you or your spouse should fail to wholeheartedly care for your children, and/or put them in an unsafe or dangerous situation, the child could be removed from your home.

If you have been accused of neglect or your child has been removed from your Murfreesboro home, we can help you fight for your parental rights. Howser & Associates, PLLP will inspect your case thoroughly and gather evidence to assist in your case and prove that you have been wrongfully accused. We strive to provide quick and proper resolution to dependency and neglect cases in which the party has been wrongfully charged.

Likewise, if you are a grandparent, relative, or person who is worried about the welfare of a child in the care of their parents, we can help you protect the child and assert your rights or the rights of the child to stability, safety, love, and compassion. Please contact us to determine your rights and learn how to protect your loved ones.

With over 30 years of combined experience, you can trust the attorneys and legal team at Howser & Associates, PLLP to assist in your case and work towards your solution.

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When involved in a child custody and divorce case, the state of Tennessee requires that parenting plans be developed and followed accordingly. These schedules determine where the child will live and sets out each parent’s parenting time. These specific plans and schedules legally bind each parent’s rights and responsibilities with regards to the welfare of the child.

When drafting a parenting plan, make sure you have the proper legal representation on your side. Our divorce and child custody attorneys have years upon years of experience in the family law arena, and are able to guide you and provide advice in these cases.

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In addition, Howser & Associates, PLLP can help you defend your parental rights or assist you in filing a petition to terminate a parent’s rights due to neglectful or harmful behavior. In parental termination cases, it must be thoroughly proven that the accused parent did not provide adequate support, failed to spend time visiting with the child for at least four months, or has acted in an abusive manner towards the family and/or child. Courts are very reluctant to terminate a parent’s rights if there is not another person to fill the shoes of the missing parent. This issue often arises in stepparent adoption cases.

Regardless of your parenting or family situation, Howser & Associates, PLLP is ready to fight for you. Contact us today to discuss your case during an initial consultation.

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According to the state of Tennessee, legal parentage and rights are established in one of the following three ways:

  • Presumption of parentage
  • Agreement to establish parentage
  • An order of parentage

Clearly, paternity laws and processes are complex. Without the proper representation, your parental rights could be at risk! At Howser & Associates, PLLP, we can help fathers and mothers establish paternity for a wide array of family situations.

To learn more about paternity and family law, contact the knowledgeable attorneys and legal team at Howser & Associates, PLLP. By starting your discussion today, we can begin researching and defending your case.

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During the divorce process, the spouses’ marital property must be equitably divided in accordance with the Tennessee family law. Howser & Associates, PLLP will fight for the protection of your separate property and work so you receive a fair portion of your marital estate.

As defined by Tennessee Code Annotated § 36-4-121(b)(1)(A), marital property is “all real and personal property, both tangible and intangible, acquired by either or both spouses during the course of the marriage up to the date of the final divorce hearing and owned by either or both spouses as of the date of filing of a complaint for divorce.” All property acquired by each spouse separately before marriage, received as a gift, or that is income from property separately owned by the spouse before marriage is exempt from division.

Our attorneys will build a strong case and work to ensure you receive your share of marital property in a divorce case. Contact Howser & Associates, PLLP today to begin discussing the fair distribution and division of your property during a divorce.

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When involved in a spousal support/alimony issue, you need to contact the attorney team at Howser & Associates, PLLP right away. Our attorneys have over 30 years of combined experience in family law and are ready to pursue your spousal support case.

In the state of Tennessee, four different types of alimony are provided and can be ordered by the court for various reasons:

Alimony in futuro
Rehabilitative alimony
Alimony in solido
Transitional alimony
When you are in need of spousal support, the experienced attorneys at Howser & Associates, PLLP  are ready to help you navigate the process and comprehend the types of alimony available in Tennessee.

When you’re in a bind and need a team of experienced attorneys to represent you, contact the team at Howser & Associates, PLLP in Murfreesboro, TN. We’re ready to assist you with your family law needs.

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