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I would recommend Mrs. Howser 100%. She is very caring for her clients and is the very best. I have had the opportunity of being a long term client unfortunately, for the last five years, but the outcome she produced from my trial was the very best a father could ask for. Full legal custody of his son!!!


I highly recommended Michelle Howser to anyone in need of legal assistance. Mrs. Howser represented me in a messy, long 2-year child custody case. I had no idea what to expect, she did not hesitate in directing me toward the best interest for my family. Mrs. Howser is professional, manages conflict resolution and problem solving well. She remains calm during intense moments, yet can be aggressive as need be. She is a lawyer you can trust to provide the support and guidance needed no matter what the circumstances may be. She is outstanding in the courtroom and respected by many. My children remain in my custody with my ex actually losing several visitation days. I’m a very happy and content client!!


WOW, Michelle is amazing. She is the best. She is caring, compassionate and understands her clients. This has been such an emotional ride for me and she was there for me from the start. She was the only one who really understood me. She is absolutely amazing!!!!!!


Michelle Blaylock-Howser has been more than just an attorney for my wife and I. She saw us through some of the worst years of our lives. Michelle always gave us advice on how to handle our situation and make it through while being strong. Her knowledge of the law, her attention to detail, and her willingness to work hard until she’s found the best possible resources to represent her clients far exceeded what we could have ever asked for in a lawyer. You should see her performance in the courtroom. It’s absolutely amazing and she is always 100% prepared for whatever comes up. This extremely intelligent and talented woman is truly Heaven sent!


Michelle is very professional and led me every step of the way to finalize my divorce. Highly recommended to anyone that might need her services.


Our many thanks to Michelle for the way our adoption case was handled. She was a Godsend to us and we were so happy that this was finally over our only regret was we did not have her from the begining. She made us feel confident this would work out and it did! What a great lawyer!